Quad-Rib Metal Roofing

Willow Creek Metal’s new Quad-Rib metal roof profile marries the elegance of standing-seam roofing with the durability, economy, and speed-of-install of our traditional Tuff-Rib metal roof profile. 

This is the standing seam look, without the cost.

The Quad-Rib profile is a unique metal roof panel that, like our Tuff-Rib, covers 36” but has four ribs instead of five. It looks much like the standing seam roofing homeowners have come to love, but with screw-down installation it goes on faster. 

We’re excited to be offering this long-lasting alternative to standing seam roof panels, and you won’t find the Quad-Rib anywhere else.

Quad-Rib Metal Roof Panel Features

Color Options
Year Warranty
  • Standing Seam Look, Screw-Down Installation
  • 28-Gauge Steel (compare to our competitors at 29 gauge)
  • 26 Color Options
  • 40-Year Warranty
  • Energy Efficient Compared to Shingles
  • Fast Installation 
  • Custom Lengths Cut in Hours
  • Low Maintenance
  • Specs: 36” wide, 12” rib spacing, 1” rib height, 4 ribs/panel

Why Quad-Rib Roofing Panels?

The Elegance, Not the Cost

Standing seam roofing has become a popular choice for new construction and replacement roofing projects across the country in residential and commercial roofing alike. But, because it has a hidden fastener system and comes in smaller panel widths, installation can take longer and material costs higher. Our Quad-Rib profile is an exciting new option in metal roofing, combining the unique, beautiful look of standing seam with the easier installation of a traditional panel. All with the same durability and 40-year warranty.

Heavy Duty 28-Gauge Steel

28-gauge steel is the metal roofing thickness of choice for homeowners and business owners alike. Thicker metal resists dents and impacts and lasts longer than thinner alternatives, meaning less worry and longer performance from your new roof. All Quad-Rib metal roofing panels come with a 40-year paint warranty.

Lightweight and Energy Efficient

Quad-Rib metal roofing is lighter, stronger, and more energy efficient than traditional shingle roofing––and it installs faster. At roughly half the weight of shingles, it goes on faster and puts less stress on your trusses/rafters. Metal roofing also reflects light and heat, meaning less heat absorption from your roof.

Durable, Long-Lasting Construction

Metal roofing provides less risk of ice and wind damage compared to shingle roofing: no ice creep, no flows, and because the metal roof surface is smooth, snow melts quickly and slides efficiently.

Custom-Cut and Ready in Hours

All Willow Creek Metals roofing supplies are rolled and cut to order, ready for pickup or delivery in hours. Short a piece or two? Not a problem with our rapid turnaround. Orders must be placed by noon, and can be ready for pickup or delivery the next morning.

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