Our Story

Willow Creek Metals is your family-owned Fort Plain manufacturer and provider of high-quality roofing metals and roofing accessories.

Founded in 2017 by a team of experienced metal and lumber craftsmen, Willow Creek Metals is dedicated to rapid service, high-quality metal-forming for roof panels, and industry leading roofing solutions.

We manufacture and deliver to your specifications:

Tuff-Rib metal roof panels, which are a durable, standard agricultural metal panel profile

Quad-Rib metal roof panels, which are a unique marriage of standing-seam panels and the traditional screw-down profile, with four ribs and a standing seam look.

Willow-Lock Standing Seam metal roof panels, which are a beautiful and heavy-duty standing-seam panel secured by hidden fasteners.

Accessories like trim, guttering, fasteners, and more.
Our team knows the needs of contractors and property owners, and we’re dedicated to incredible customer service and competitive prices for all of our customers.



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