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When it comes to quality materials, reliable and fair pricing, and the incredible service you expect from your metal roofing panel supplier, Willow Creek Metals is the clear choice.

We strive to provide the best quality panel PLUS the best experience around for metal roofing installers and homeowners.

That means carrying a comprehensive suite of panels, fasteners, accessories, and tools to make your next metal roofing project fast and easy.

It means attention to detail in every order, clear communication about timing and delivery, and fair pricing for a superior product.

It also means impeccable attention to detail as we roll and manufacture your metal roof panels and metal roof panel components.

The bottom line? The best metal roof panels, the best quality, and the best service. What else is there to ask for?

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Our Metal Roof Panels: Options To Fit Your Business and Your Customers’ Needs

Tuff-Rib Ag Panels

Willow Creek Metals’ Tuff-Rib metal roof panel is designed for residential, commercial, and agricultural use. This is the traditional 5-rib panel you’ve been using for years – but with some upgrades.

This 3-foot wide panel is popular for its ease of installation, energy efficiency, and durability under all conditions.

These panels are customizable in length, low maintenance, and have an anti-siphon rib design. They are light, strong, resistant to ice and wind damage, and can be custom-cut quickly.

Quad-Rib Panels

The Quad-Rib metal roof panel by Willow Creek Metals combines the aesthetic of standing-seam roofing with the durability and easy installation of traditional ribbed metal roofing.
The perfect “middle ground” for your customers who want more, but might not be ready for a standing seam price tag.

Willow-Lock Standing Seam Panels

Embrace luxury. The Willow-Lock Standing Seam metal roof panel from Willow Creek Metals is known for its durability and elegant design. A beautiful standing seam profile with hidden fasteners for longevity and elegance.
The pinnacle of luxury, you’ll love showing your roofing customers the Willow-Lock panel and explaining the generational durability of this thick, resilient metal roof panel.

Metal Roof Accessories and Tools

We carry a range of fasteners color-matched to fit out roofing panels, including all of the hidden fastener components to lock down metal roofing panels for decades.

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Elevate Your Buildings or Your Roofing Offerings With Willow Creek Metals

Whether you’re looking for energy efficiency, easy installation, or a standing seam look, Willow Creek’s metal roof panels are customizable and suitable for a wide range of applications and aesthetics.

Discover your perfect roofing solution today at Willow Creek Metals.

Common Metal Roof Panel Questions

If you’re looking for metal roof panels near you, we can help.

While we primarily sell our range of metal roof panels to roofing contractors, that’s only because they buy a lot of metal roofing panels! We’re happy to help homeowners and DIYers with their metal roof panel needs or metal roofing projects. Our team has the experience to help you decide on the right product, guide you on some basics of metal roof panel installation, and more.

If you feel you’re not up to the challenge, we can simply connect you with an experienced metal roofing company in our area. Stop by or give us a call to learn more!

We sell everything you might need to install our metal roofing panels, including fasteners and hidden fasteners, and all of the necessary flashing, channeling, and guttering.

Yes, in many cases, our metal roof panels can be installed over an existing roof, simplifying the installation process and reducing labor costs.

However, it’s important to consult with a professional to assess the suitability of your existing roof structure and to understand whether there are any downsides to installing right over your current roofing material.

We expect our roofing panels to last for 40 years with zero maintenance.

For screw-through metal panels, we recommend examining the roof for rust or issues at the penetrations after about year 25.

For our metal roof panels with hidden fasteners, these can go for 40+ years with no maintenance.

Covered by a 40-year paint warranty, we expect our metal roof panels to potentially require new paint around years 40-50, which can add another 10-20 years of life to them.

As you may already know, metal roof panels can last for 60 years or more, and some have been known to last for 100 years! The issue is generally not rust or failure of the panel, but small penetrations that form over time.

Yes, our metal roof panels are cut to specification. Our goal is to create roofs with no horizontal seams. For extremely long slopes, you may require two panels. This is something we can discuss when you call to order your metal roof panels, or just to learn more.
Metal roof panels are lighter overall than asphalt shingles. They install more quickly, last much longer, and most homeowners prefer the look of metal roof panels (especially standing seam panels compared to shingles. What’s not to love?!

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